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A Virtual Assistant Does What?

Here at CAM Administrative Consulting my job is to complete the tedious day to day tasks and to-do lists for business owners so they can get back to what they love!


Feeling overwhelmed with the administrative and organizational tasks that make your business run?  Is it possible to find a person that loves to do these things and help people?  As a former teacher, I absolutely love to do both of these things! Please allow me to free up some of your time through these tasks:

  • Customer e-mails are answered professionally and in a timely manner
  • Google Drive and Drop-box are organized to easily find files
  • Transcribing videos
  • Creating templates, forms, and reports
  • Calendar management and appointment scheduling
  • And many more….

I would love to set up a meeting and brainstorm ways that I can help you manage your business tasks so that you can get much needed time back!

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